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Results are in

EPAHC  2024 at Darklands Festival 

European Puppy 2024 Astra 
1st runner up Axel 
2nd runner Umbra

European Handler 2024 Kerberos


March 3rd 2024


Due to current events, Yoshi has decided to withdraw from the contest. 

We regret that Stupsi will not be able to join us due to personal circumstances. 

We wish all Darklands attendees a wonderful weekend. 

We will not issue further statements. Please feel free to contact us on info@epahc.eu if you have any questions as we may not be aware of social media posts.

European Puppy And Handler Contest 2024

We like to introduce you to our candidates running for European Puppy 2024 such as European Handler 2024 here.

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