Corporate Sponsorship / Charities Sponsorship

Dear Sponsor, we are thrilled to have your support!

We, the team behind Europe’s oldest running titleholder contest aimed to puppies, are looking for Sponsors. We have been running since 2015 and we are a much looked forward to yearly event which is held at Darklands, Europe’s largest indoor fetish event, in Antwerp.

Throughout the year, we are the team that supports the titleholders and this year we elect our 8th Puppy titleholder and 3rd Handler titleholder for 2024. Starting out in 2015 as Mr Puppy Europe and over time we dropped the gendered prefix and added a Handler title in 2022.

What do we offer?

As with any sponsorship, we, as a team, understand that return on investment is important. We can offer a range of things, from titleholder visits to putting your name and logo on EPAHC organised events and our website. We have also access to all the organisation teams in countries where a puppy title exists.

As an example, our sponsors logos always go on the frame on our official photography, our sash sponsors have their logos on the sashes, and so on. We are open to a lot of things and we’ll happily engage in conversation to come to a mutual agreement.

Your sponsorship can be a lot of things!

A lot of sponsors offer prizes for the prize packages. Some financial support for the running of events and contests. All forms of sponsorship are welcomed by us. We are open to conversations about any form of sponsorship and we would love to engage you. We hope this has helped explain who we are and what we do. We hope to hear from you soon and develop your sponsorship together.

With the warmest regards,

On behalf of the President of EPAHC