Our 2023 Contest was held as part of Darklands Festival 2023, Antwerp Belgium between 7th and 14th March 2023.

Stupsi  she/her
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Hello everyone, I’m Stupsi, 45 years old from Germany and European Handler 2023. 

First of all, representing the Puppy and Handler Community as a lesbian woman was the best time in my life. It was an exciting time and a rollercoaster of mixed feelings and emotions. The invitations to various puppy elections were a honor. An opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and get to know wonderful individuals. I was often surprised been recognized by so many people. Which turned out as an unexpected ice breaker and enabled me to push topics dear to my heart forward.

By saying this, I have to mention not everything that glitters is gold. There still needs a lot to be done. The Scene has to reinvent itself. The values and ideas it actually has are sometimes not understood by it’s core. Different forms of shaming and discrimination are present at all times. 

As I am not able joining any event I would like to participate. In the past, I got told „NOT YOU“ because me being a woman. Gender and sexual orientation shouldn’t be brought up as a reason to exclude someone. As I am not talking gay sex parties. You know it yourself. Respectively gay male centered fetish scene and puppy community isn’t just about sexual interactions. It’s very much about socializing and sharing common interests.

On the bright side, scene got more diverse over last few years. Thankfully to queer and brave individuals showing up. 

I will continue to be brave myself and work on behalf of the scene. Because the overall scene matters, means a lot to me personally and is close to my heart.

We all have to take in criticism and reflect about it. Adjusting and making change possible is most important. Patience is required, also bravery to make actual steps forward.

Looking back, i can say it was a great experience and a honor to represent the scene to some extent. I wish the next title holders strength, fun and joy to achieve greater things with much success.

Last but not least I would like to say thank you to the Team for their support, trust, love, friendship and belief in me. 

See you soon at a puppy event , your Stupsi. ❤️

Kirk  he/him

Handler Contest 2023

We had 4 handlers entering the contest. Stupsi as European Handler 2023 got elected.

Dean he/him
Iggy he/him
Kerberos he/him
Stupsi she/her

Puppy Contest 2023

We had 12 puppies entering the contest. Due to the volume of entries, a preliminary voting round (with public and a jury) was held and 4 puppies were eliminated. Kirk as European Puppy 2023 got elected.

Aston he/him
Astro he/him
Bull he/him
Jimmy he/him
Kirk he/him
Mike he/him
Snap he/him
Spark he/they
Duke he/him
Itsuki he/him
Rogue she/her
Rusty he/him


We had 8 Judges for the EPAHC in 2023.

Thaly he/him
Frost he/him
Dodger he/him
Andy he/him
Quincy they/them
Shiny he/they
Sada he/him
Pusckatt he/him


Spot he/him


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