The European Puppy And Handler Contest (a brief history) 

The European Puppy and Handler contest (EPAHC) started in 2015 as Mr Puppy Europe by Darklands, known then as Leatherpride Belgium, and fetish business The Dog’s BolloXX. 

The very first election held in February 2015 saw Kriszly from the Netherlands elected which has sparked the beginning of the national contests in the UK and the Netherlands that year. 

The election in 2016, which was televised, elected its second Mr Puppy Europe. Regrettably, the title was revoked a few months later. The runner ups were not in a position to accept the title and Kriszly was caretaker for the remainder of the year. Improvements were made following this election as the team strives to improve continuously.

In 2017, Farex, representing Switzerland, was elected Mr Puppy Europe. 

Matt, the first Mr Puppy France, was elected in 2018, followed by Buumi, Mr Puppy UK 2018, in February 2019. 

The election in 2020, just before the pandemic hit Europe, saw the second Mr Puppy UK acceding to the Mr Puppy Europe title. 

Sadly, we were not able to hold an election in 2021, and therefore no titleholder for that year. 

The organising team took this time to make valuable changes to the title by removing genders and adding a title for the handlers, changing it into European Puppy and Handler Contest. We also opened applications to all genders. 

Returning in 2022, our first election in the new format saw Thaly as European Puppy, and Quincy as the first ever European Handler and non-binary titleholder. 

February 2023 saw Stupsi as our first female European Handler, and Kirk as European Puppy.