Results are in

EPAHC 2024 at Darklands Festival 

European Puppy 2024 Astra 
1st runner up Axel 
2nd runner Umbra

European Handler 2024 Kerberos

March 3rd 2024


The handler title is in its third year and it still is a challenge to try to build awareness of the role across Europe. We now have two national handler titles with interest from other puppy and handler  contest organisations to build more.

This year, we have one Handler contestant, and we are grateful for their participation to help to continue building representation in the Handler space.

There is still a minimum requirement to be elected as a title holder, as we expect any of our elected titleholders to live by strong principles in support of their fetish and the community.

So we will be encouraging the candidate to do their very best to prove to the judges and the audience as to why they deserve to be elected.

Representation within fetish can be a really powerful thing to have, especially when trying to showcase the benefits and experience that it can bring to other peoples’ experiences.

Introducing the candidate

Kerberos representing Austria I Instagram

Hello, I’m Kerberos, first runner up European handler 2023 and I will run this year again. I’m from southern Austria. I’d describe myself as a handler and an alpha. For me the best part of pet-play is the possibility of the pups to let go and helping them finding their inner child or animal. I’m member of the Austrian fetish community HFFK and one of the K9 department leaders. I run a yearly puppy event in Villach and I’m co-organiser of several puppy events in Vienna and also have been to different prides and events in Europe.

Pup play is a form of escapism for puppies and handlers. I love to see them smile and give them the opportunity to play and give them treats like sausages or biscuits. If I give sausages to them, I like to give them local products from my region. My handling is very playful. I like when they have fun and enjoy the moment.

All parts of pet-play and SM are a kind of mindfulness and I enjoy being a guide and let them focus on their body.

My main fetishes are rubber, sportswear, uniforms, mx-gear, and leather. All those are a part of me, and I like to wear several outfits at events (if the rubber didn’t rip)

In my human/normal life I’m a nursing student in my last year. I work next to it, and I enjoy travelling and seeing new places and meeting new people.

Why do I want to become European handler?

I’m from a quite rural area which is underrepresented in the kink community. That’s my point, I want to support the rural and smaller communities in Europe. Even those handlers and puppies who suffer from their rural life and help them as an idol. It’s also a fact, that I work on mental health and help puppies if they have a crisis.


This year we have 2 candidates entering for Italy. The team is aware that the rules stipulates only one candidate per country. 

In 2020, during the election run-up at Darklands, the Covid pandemic hit hard, and Italy was one of the few European countries to lockdown. As such, an Italian candidate who had entered the contest had to return home on the morning of the election to avoid being locked out of their home. As such, the EPAHC team, in agreement with the judging panel of the time, and all candidates, offered an invitation to return for that candidate. There was no fixed date for the invitation to expire and therefore it has been honoured for the 2024 election.

Introducing the candidates

Astra representing Ireland I Instagram

“Awroo!!! Conas atá tú mo chlann?

I am Astra (He/Him) a Service Dog and Irish Red Setter Pup from Dublin Ireland. I have been involved in the pet play scene since 2017 and I am the first ever Puppy Ireland, elected in January 2023.

Prior to, and as the titleholder I engaged with the wider queer & fetish communities in Ireland as an organiser and volunteer. I founded The Kinky Pups in 2020 and over the year have transformed the event into Ireland’s first Mosh Social event for all pets and handlers. Since my stepdown, I’ve officially been made a member of the board for the Puppy Ireland Election.

I love Good Food, Singing/Howling wherever and whenever, garnering the attention of dashing Bears, and when I’ve my kit with me a nice pair of Leather Boots I can work up a shine on.

Should you ever meet me, please feel free to say hello, however be warned that once you get me talking you’ll need a sock or other appropriate gag to make me stop Wruff~!

I have represented Ireland as an ambassador at events including Darklands, Folsom Europe, MIR, and have sat on judging panels for Bootblack Europe, Mr Bear Ireland, and Puppy Austria but to name a few.

Travel has always been important to me throughout my fetish journey, not just as an opportunity to meet and build connections, but also as an opportunity to learn what unites us and the unique traits of each scene nationally and globally.

My desire to learn about the scene lead to me founding the Irish Pet Play Survey in November of 2019, releasing 2 surveys (2020, 2022) to inform Irish pet players on the demographics and diversity of their scene.

It is an aspiration of mine to form a committee for the development of a census of the European Community, localised for each country, so that we can better understand the demographics which unite us, and what makes us unique.

With that being said, being Irelands first ever contestant at Puppy Europe, I want to prioritise having the best time possible in competing. I look forward to seeing many of you in Antwerp come the end of February and being a part of this year’s European Puppy and Handler Election.

Let’s give it Socks!”

Wyatt representing Italy I Instagram

Hi there! It’s Wyatt, a proud 26-year-old husky pup from Milan (Italy). What can I say about me? I’m a farmer, I love traveling, climbing, hiking and sharing adventures with my boyfriend and friends. It was 2018 when I discovered the beautiful world of Puppy Play and I never stopped exploring it, traveling, attending many events all around Italy and Europe, always making new friends and understanding day by day how being a pup makes me feel good and complete. I’m deeply connected to my puppy side, I live it 24/7, even when I can’t wear my mask and wag my tail. But has it always been that easy and automatic? Not at all, to be honest. At the very first start, when I was very young, it only was a mix of feelings, like the need of attentions and cuddles or the irresistible need of wagging when someone was telling me I’ve been good in something and so on. Years later I found out a couple puppy accounts on Instagram and I’ve finally been able to give those feelings a name: puppy play! I was very happy to feel less alone, but I was still scared about coming out of the closet: anxiety, shyness and insecurity, the fear of being judged by society and some social pressure very soon became the bricks of the wall my mind were building between me and happiness. Things started finally changing when I met some pups for the first time at a Pride: thanks to ‘em I’ve finally been able to kill my overthinking and I felt ready to become part of the Community. I was so happy that I started feeling the desire to explore this world more and more, in order to improve myself and to get to know new places and people: I just can’ t get enough and it was time to return the favour. The desire to share my story with other people and, in particular, with all those who were experiencing my same initial difficulties, immediately led me to help many people to explore and discover this special part of themselves: I love to show how puppy play can be a valid opportunity to be ourselves without any fear of being judged! That’s why I decided to apply to the Mr Puppy Italy 2019 contest (1st runner up), to the European Puppy Contest 2020 (where I unfortunately have been unable to attend due to the Italian anti-covid restrictions) with the goal of promoting and enhancing the unicity of each pup, against any imposed standard, through my project “be yourself”; and now to the European Puppy Contest 2024. With my project “when these walls fall down” I want to send a positive message, encouraging all the pup-wannabe to came out from the closet and putting all the worries aside, in order to embrace and live their puppy side freely. But how? I believe it is very important to be present both in person and on social networks, in order to reach the greatest number of people possible: starting from the pups and kinksters already involved into the community; to everyone who cannot (or is afraid of) be present to the events, helping ‘em to unleash their inner pup; and to the curious who don’t know what puppy play is, making them understand what it is about and giving ‘em no more opportunities to judge something just because they don’t know it: knowledge and communication are the most important “weapons” to defeat ignorance, the first cause of discrimination. That’s why I’d love to promote puppy play -in its more playful way- to the world, attending to Prides and events all across Europe, creating new opportunities of dialogue and discussions: I believe in the importance of having a united and conscious Community, and a safe place where to live it and make it grow. What else? Just come and find it out! I can’t wait to meet you all^^


Axel representing Italy I Instagram

Hey everyone! I’m Axel, a 32-year-old Italian guy living the puppy play lifestyle in Milan. I dipped my paws into the puppy play world back in 2018 when it was just a small community. Excited to help, I teamed up with four pups to create the first Italian association, “The Italian Puppy”.

The puppy community means a lot to me. It’s a welcoming space where I can express myself within an inclusive, non-judgmental place, and it’s especially helpful for newcomers exploring puppy play.

Even without holding any title, I’ve been around, attending events in Italy and beyond, making connections, and building friendships.These experiences opened my eyes to various aspects and ways of living puppy play, helping me to contribute to the growth of the Italian community.

Now, as your EP24 candidate, my mission is to build a community that’s not just welcoming but also a celebration of diversity. This includes a particular emphasis on supporting the visibility of women, transgender people, and disabled individuals within the community. I also aim to promote a more inclusive uso of the language and more open events for everyone.

So, how do I plan to achieve this goal? I’ll continue my travels, actively engaging with communities around Europe, especially in regions where there is a lack of representation for puppies during pride or emerging local events. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the perfect blend of charm, know-how, and a diplomatic attitude for handling all things puppy-related – I can even navigate through conflicts and dramas with a wag and a smile! I have also many contacts within LGBTQIA+ organizations in Italy, and I would like to organize workshops on puppy play.

Also, I want to create an annual meeting, bringing together representatives from all European Countries. This annual meeting will serve two purposes: to facilitate collaboration in organizing events in each countries (such as coordinating election dates across different countries to avoid overlap, working on the themes of inclusions, networking ecc) and to provide an opportunity for local puppies to connect, share experiences, and explore different ways of living pup play with others.

This annual meeting could potentially become a significant event in the pup community, offering a smaller but impactful event similar to Darklands and Folsom, providing another opportunity for pups to travel. Additionally, I aim to coordinate a structured international presence during The European Pride, emphasizing on the importance of puppy visibility in such inclusive celebrations. Let’s make this journey together!

Umbra representing Spain I Instagram

Uaaah!! I’m Umbra The CyberPup (Umbra is the short version) and I’m a 29 years old puppy from Madrid, Spain!! I’m a non binary puppy and the self proclaimed queen of pronouns in the Spanish community. Also, I am Puppy Spain 2023, the actual emeritus queen pup!

As a non binary person I’m an advocate for queer visibility and try to teach the people that non binary people don’t have to be androgynous to actually be it. Also, due to personal events (sadly) and common sense, I’m an advocate of consent, NO means NO and anti bullying.

I love being surrounded by people and pups and learn more things of that (you never stop learning things from people and I found it amazing)

I like to travel, I’m a completely party monster and traveling across Europe meeting new pups and new parties sounds very exciting!

My goal for the year is putting my little grain of sand and try to make this community even better than now and teach the children that you can make everything you can while enjoying the experience and not losing yourself in the progress, so, without further ado, let’s enjoy this journey together! 🐶

Ruki representing Germany I Instagram

First, let me introduce myself briefly. I am Ruki, a 5-year-old puppy. Human level 29.

After several years of getting to know different people in the community, I finally decided to take the next step and build better connections. Because it’s going to be about what I want to do next。

Create a local channel and organize activities about puppies.

About this time running was half fun and half seduced by the other puppies.

I would like to organize some small daily activities first, such as bowling, rowing, taking photos and so on. I have a good camera, a lot of props, a latex vacuum bed, and some rope art, so whether it’s a sex scene that’s generally more frontal and asexual, or something dirty and exciting, I can provide some help. The ultimate goal, if everything goes well, is to organize a really big puppy event in Hamburg in the future, so that other puppies can come to our place to play.

During this period, I also received a lot of negative comments. Some people said that I was not famous enough, some said that I did not have a title, and some said that I might win. But what I want to say is that this is my first experience as a human being. I will not be affected by you. It is precisely because each of us, an ordinary member of this community, keeps working hard and making different attempts, Only then can we move forward and make great changes. I also know I have a bit silly,But I still have to try, at least one day I won’t think about it and regret why I didn’t do it.

I don’t think many people will read this if the introduction is so long, so let’s learn more face to face.

Come on Barbie,let 。。。。。

Jaxx representing Switzerland I Instagram

Hey Hey, I’m Jaxx, a 23-year-old from Zurich immersed in the captivating world of “Puppy Play” for a whopping nine years. I’m an Emotional Support Shadow Kitsune, and my journey all began with a love for fashion and extravagant outfits.

At 15, I unleashed my “Puppy” journey with a budget-friendly blue-hued hood from China, adopting the alias Ryan. Initially a bit of a “Bedroom” puppy, 2023 marked a bold turn as I rebranded and attended my first “Puppy” meet-up, sniffing out not just new friends but familiar faces, a turning point in my journey.

Looking forward to 2024, personally, my goal is to connect with as many like- minded individuals as possible and delve even deeper into this bark-tastic community. Within the Swiss Puppy community, I aim for growth, hoping to see more events where puppies are pawsitively welcomed. It’s about forging bonds and creating spaces where everyone can truly let their tails wag.

I’ve also got some exciting projects in the works. I’m collaborating with fur- midable friends to invent and design new types of puppy gear, sniffing out opportunities to unleash creativity. Simultaneously, I’m organizing a “Meet & Bark” event in Basel and central Switzerland, creating a space for our vibrant community to fetch even more connections.

I’m not your typical pup; rules aren’t really my thing. As the Alpha of my pack, owner of two other puppies, and Twin to another, I set my own paw-some standards. My uniqueness is a running joke in the Swiss community, always served with a side of humour.

Being the only Trans-Non-binary, asexual Alpha Puppy Owner in Switzerland (as far as I know), I proudly stand for diversity and acceptance.

In June, I fetched a remarkable feat by clinching the Swiss Puppy Games, grabbing some media coverage. I had the honour of gracing the Zurich Pride Podcast, sharing my “Puppy Play” experiences, a gig that brought immense joy.

Sending fluffy hugs and paw-sitive vibes to all my fellow pups, handlers and supporters out there!

– Jaxx 💜=

Introduccing the judges

Ritchi – IPTC International Puppy 2023 – Representing the international puppy community (he/they)

Handler Chris – IPTC International Handler 2023 – Representing the international handler community (he / him)

Maxwell – Italian Fetishmen 2023 – Representing the European fetish community (he / him)

Kirk – European Puppy 2023 – Representing the European Puppy community (he/him)

Jeremy Feist – Mr Leatherman Toronto 2016 – representing the leather community (he / they)

Introducing the Adjudicator

Spot (he/him)


The European Puppy And Handler Contest Terms And Conditions 2024 are available here

Applications started 8th December 2023 and ended on 5th January 2024.