Our 2022 Contest was held as part of Darklands Festival 2022, Antwerp Belgium between 5th and 8th May 2022.

Quincy  they/them

Embarking on my historic journey as the first European handler, my commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the community has been unwavering. Through impactful videos and collaborations, I amplified the significance of crucial days, including International Fetish Day, International Pronoun Day, and World AIDS Day. In the realm of education, I initiated transformative efforts, such as the creation of educational posters translated into multiple languages, leaving an indelible mark on the community’s understanding and engagement.

My journey commenced at Belgium Pride, where the inaugural event set the stage for meaningful connections and a profound realisation of the impact of representation. Witnessing the positive response—”It’s great to see someone else who is gender-diverse”—served as a catalyst, propelling me to redouble my efforts in advocating for change and inclusivity.

Working closely with Darklands has been instrumental in driving transformative changes in policies. Together, we adapted the diversity agreement to include neurodiversity and promote gender-inclusive language. This collaborative effort has not only sparked crucial conversations within the community but has also contributed to a more inclusive environment within various clubs.

Despite limited travel opportunities, my resilience shone through as I embraced virtual communication to maintain meaningful connections globally. However, the love for prides endured and the experience of attending EuroPride 2023 further fueled my passion for advancing the cause.

Constructive criticism has guided my approach, prompting positive adjustments and showcasing a commitment to continual growth and improvement. 

As I envision the next chapter, I focus on local events where I actively foster education. The journey continues, and I remain committed to the ongoing evolution and success of the community. Grateful for the support, trust, and belief bestowed upon me by the incredible team, I look forward to a future where diversity, inclusion, and education thrive, leaving an enduring impact on the vibrant tapestry of the community.


Thaly  he/him

Handler Contest 2022

We had 4 handlers entering the contest. Quincy as the first ever European Handler got elected.

Puppy Contest 2022

We had 7 puppies entering the contest. Thaly as European Puppy 2022 got elected.


We had 5 judges and a tally master.
David representing Australia
Richi representing Czech Republic
Rolo representing Ireland
Mike representing Australia
Janos representing Spain