Terms and Conditions

Title Expectations

There are a few rules we’ve set, and a few expectations we’ve established, in order that the European Puppy And Handler Contest (EPAHC) be fair, and that the title be meaningful. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and we want to make sure you’re set up to make the most of it. These expectations are meant to help us help you.

Becoming a Titleholder

Being a title holder is a big deal. It’s a chance to be something greater than yourself: to be a representative and advocate for the community you belong to. In holding a title, you join a large and growing global community of titleholders who share a common belief in the power of the individual to effect positive change and a common vision for a better world through the enjoyment of kink and fetish. That’s why the title is bestowed by a community, and that’s why the award ceremony includes other titleholders. The International Mister Leather and Mister International Rubber contests are the inspiration on which we drew.

The title isn’t about you. It’s about what you can offer to the community, and about what you can do for others. You never actually own the title. What you own is what you do with it, what you accomplish, and what you give. That’s why when titleholders step down after a title year and hand the title over to their successor, it’s done with ceremony: the community celebrates them and their accomplishments and welcomes new titleholders and their visions.

There is no fixed way to conduct yourself as a titleholder. There’s no fixed look, or set of actions, or body type, or anything like that. Your projects are your own, and what you make of it is up to you: we want to see what’s pawsome about you, and we want to see you shine as yourself. And more than anything, we want to see you step on stage at the end of your title year feeling exhilarated from having had an absolutely pawsome time of it!

What’s expected from you

You’ll need to be a pup or handler, at least 18 years of age as of the day of the contest, living lawfully in the continent of Europe (as geographically delimited) throughout your title year. You do not have to be a current national (or regional) Puppy or Handler titleholder. You can be any kind of pup or handler you like – we welcome everyone of any gender!

You’ll need to commit to ten to twelve months of supporting the pup community. This will include a lot of publicity, which will include your face, and lots of public events. We’ll give you what support we can, and the rest is up to you. Not to worry, though, the events are a lot of fun!

You’ll need to commit to entering an international title contest at the earliest the year after your title year is over (i.e. you are elected in 2018, you will enter the international contest in 2019): International Mister Leather, Mister International Rubber, or the International Pup and Trainer Contest etc. This latter’s important – it’s your chance to shine across the world! You’ll be expected to hold at least one fundraiser to raise funds for this trip, which you’ll do with our help and support. We’ll help you get there, and we’ll help ensure you’re well supported to do your best.

You’ll need to support our sponsors. They donate their time and resources to the pup community and to creating and maintaining the title and its relevant events. Show them plenty of love.

You’ll need to welcome and encourage other pups and handlers out onto the scene and into the community. This will range from the experienced pups and handlers who may appreciate new events and places to play, to the new pups or handlers who may be shy about appearing in public as pups / handlers and may need a friendly face and a helping paw to take their first steps.

These are just an overview of our broad expectations. They’re meant to help us deliver a focused and exciting contest, followed by a year of supportive encouragement and leadership by the titleholders. And there’s room for discussion in many areas – they’re guidelines that are meant to help, and when in doubt, talk to us and we’ll see if we can sort something out. Full terms and conditions are available below.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to chat about what’s required. And beyond that, just be out there, be awesome, and be pup.

Terms and Conditions

These are the full terms and conditions for entering the competition and holding the European Puppy or European Handler title. Please note that we reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions as necessary, and that any current titleholder must agree to them in order to retain and use the title.

These terms and conditions apply to the 2022 title year onwards.

About Yourself

You are at least 18 years of age as of the day of the election, and lawfully resident on the continent of Europe as geographically delimited.

You must participate in the full extent of the EPAHC.

You are not a current titleholder of any Mister-type fetish title (leather, rubber, fetish club, kink and fetish scene, etc.), with the exception of holding the national title for your country of residence (e.g. Puppy UK) which is permitted but not encouraged.

You have not previously held the title of Puppy Europe including Mr Puppy Europe.

You identify publicly and willingly as a human puppy or a human dog or are a handler.

You are aware that in the contest and as European Puppy or European Handler, you are obliged to appear as yourself. Any clothing or gear worn must be able to reveal your identity. You, and images of you, will be publicised, and the candidate elected will be obliged to appear publicly as themselves.

You have a demonstrated interest in being a pup and in pup play (e.g. handler, dom, etc.), and an interest in working with and advancing the pet community, as determined by the judging panel.

You agree to appear on stage as your authentic self, minimum requirements are safety gear, pup mitts, kneepads, and appropriate footwear.

You will be living in Europe throughout your title year.

Your Title Year

Your title year, if elected, will cover the period of the election at Darklands until the next election at Darklands.

You agree to represent Europe overseas at events where you appear as European Puppy or European Handler.

You are encouraged to wear your title regalia whenever appropriate, and to present yourself as a titleholder whenever relevant.

You agree that, if elected European Puppy or European Handler, you will return to the next EPAHC election the following year to hand over your title to your successor, and you agree that if asked, you may host, judge, or otherwise will take part in the administration of the contest.

You agree to permit on stage photographs and video recordings to be taken and used for any purpose deemed fit by the EPAHC Team.

You agree that, if elected, you are required to appear at relevant events, in gear and in role, and in a manner reflecting well on the title. At a minimum, you must attend five relevant fetish events across Europe during your title year, with relevant events determined by EPAHC Team.

You are required at all times to support our sponsors and agree to refrain from supporting competing or conflicting events during your title year. Please check with the EPAHC Team.

If elected, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to the title, as determined by the EPAHC Team, throughout the subsequent year whilst you hold the title. You are expected to be a positive, active, and visible role model for the pet community.

If elected, you may not compete in any other title contest during your title year, though you are encouraged to attend other title contests in a supportive and non-competing capacity.

If you are unable to afford key appearances, you are expected to raise funds yourself for these, with the support of the EPAHC Team.

Handover, Accession, and Vacancy

During a title year, the title may be vacated under one of the following circumstances:

You are elected to another title contest during your title year, in which case the Team may decide at their discretion to ask you to vacate the title if they determine that holding the two titles simultaneously is impractical or undesirable.

You decide, or the Team determines, that you are unable or unwilling to fulfil the duties and expectations of a titleholder, in which case the Team may decide at their discretion to ask or allow you to vacate the title.

The Team determines that your conduct is unbecoming of a titleholder, in which case the Team may decide at their discretion to revoke your title or ask you to step down.

Should the title be vacated during a title year, the Team has the right to appoint a successor or caretaker to accede to the title. This will generally be done according to the following principles:

The runner-up and second runner-up from the previous election may be asked to accede to the title, in which case, upon mutual agreement between them and the Team, they will accede to the title.

Other contestants from any previous contest who placed or performed well may be asked to accede to the title, in which case upon mutual agreement them and the Team, they will accede to the title.

The Team may at their discretion appoint a person of their choice to accede to the title, in which case, in which case upon mutual agreement them and the Team, they will accede to the title.

Though in general the preferred order of succession will be the first and second runners-up, previous contestants with good placement or performance, and others chosen by the Team, it will not always be possible to follow this order and the final decision rests exclusively with the Team, who will always act in good faith and for the good of the title.

There is no automatic order of succession for the title, neither is there automatic entitlement for runners-up or second runners-up in the contest. All cases of vacancy are resolved at the discretion of the Team. Whilst they will take into account all relevant circumstances, theirs is the final decision on the matter.

The handover of a title from one who vacates it to one who accedes to it will occur upon announcement by the Team. Where possible, the Team will arrange the regalia and applicable prizes to be handed over as well. Where possible, the Team will also arrange a handover ceremony. It may not always be possible to conduct a handover ceremony or to hand over the regalia and all applicable prizes. In any case, the official handover is effected at the point of official announcement.

If you accede to the title during a running title year, you are entitled to use it and to present yourself as if you were the original elected titleholder, and the same expectations will apply.

Upon successful completion of a title year (or remainder thereof), you will thereafter be entitled to refer to yourself thereafter as previous titleholder Puppy Europe 20NN or Handler Europe 20NN. Though you may no longer present yourself as a current titleholder, you may thereafter present yourself as a previous titleholder.

A former title holder is not permitted to compete in a subsequent EPAHC elections, but is welcome to join as a spectator, host, judge, or in another non-competitive capacity. We do recommend previous titleholders join the team to run future contests at the discretion of the President and their senior team.


The EPAHC Team and Darklands team retain the rights over, and responsibility of maintaining, the title. They maintain the title and contest at all times.